Every day: 08:00 - 19:00
Every day: 08:00 - 19:00

Why choose us

We are very


We know you don’t want to keep all the rubbish around, so we act immediately. If you call us today, your rubbish will be cleaned tomorrow.
We work on weekends

08:00-19:00 EACH DAY

We work through the whole week, so you can sit comfortably and enjoy. You want a junk free house during the holiday? That’s our mission!
Cleaning is our mission


We will clean your house as if it was ours. We take pride in our work and love making clients enjoy the comfort of their home even more.
We cover a huge


We cover London, Harlow and the the area. You can be sure we can come your way, wherever you live, and help you out with the removing the junk.

The services we offer

You’ve got a big house? We can clear it. You’ve got a small house? We can also clear it. Just point us where and when.

House clearance

Do you have a lot of junk in the attic? Do you even remember what you hid there last year? Now is the right time to let us clear it out.

Attic clearance

Do you have enough space left for your car in the garage? The difference between packed with not needed junk and tidy is just a call away.

Garage clearance

Even if your type of clearing is not described here, we can do it! Just call us and we can arrange all the rubbish that you want to be gone.

Other rubbish

Why do you need a rubbish removal company…

Rubbish removal is actually not as easy as it seems. That’s why we’re here to cover your back.

We’ve cleaned a lot of places, so we know how to do it. We cover everything for you, starting from the physical effort and ending at recycling the rubbish.

In today’s busy world, give yourself the comfort to not add yet one more thing to your to-do list and let the professionals remove the rubbish that’s piling up. This doesn’t extend to comfort only, as some tasks can only be accomplished by professionals – if the junk is too heavy, or requires special equipment – that’s where you’ll very gladly appreciate our help.

Besides, all the waste that we collect goes through very strict procedures for waste management and recycling, that’s how we help our environment. What cannot be recycled promptly goes to the junk yard in accord with all legal procedures.
Happy clients
30 tonnes
of rubbish cleared already
55% recycle ratio
of the waste

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